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Drier March to May for much of Northern Australia

Drier March to May for much of northern Australia


  • For March, rainfall is likely to very likely (60% to 80% chance) to be below median for much of coastal north-western and northern WA, northern and eastern NT away from the Top End, most of Queensland and patchy regions of south-east Australia.
  • For March to May, below median rainfall is likely (60 to 80% chance) for the northern coastline of WA, the northern and eastern NT (excluding the Top End), most of Queensland away from the south-east, and parts of SA’s North East Pastoral district, parts of eastern and far north-western NSW, and southern Victoria. Elsewhere, a range of rainfall outcomes are possible, as there is no consistent wet or dry signal over the season.
  • For March to May, unusually low rainfall is at least twice as likely as usual for parts of Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula and Gulf Country and eastern NT. Unusually low rainfall is defined as the driest 20% of March to May periods from 1981 to 2018.
  • Past accuracy of March to May long-range forecasts for the chance of above median rainfall is moderate to high for large areas of Australia, but low to very low for southern and northern inland WA, northern parts of SA towards the Queensland and NSW borders and south-western Victoria.

To read the full seasonal outlook you can visit the BoM site here

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