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Municipal Emergency Management (EM) Planning

municipal emergency management planing

Under the Western Australia State Emergency Service Act 2005, a key function of WASES is to assist municipal councils in relation to the performance and exercise of their duties under the Emergency Management Act 1986. VICSES does this through various programmes that support Councils in meeting their legislative obligations.

Planning tools

Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA)

Emergency Risk Management is a process which aims to reduce risks within a community. This can be done by identifying the risks that a community faces, assessing the vulnerability of the community to those risks and providing options to reduce or eliminate the risks.

The Community Emergency Risk Assessment (CERA) provides Emergency Management Planning Committees (EMPC) with a framework for considering and improving the safety and resilience of their community from hazards and emergencies.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) Audits

Under current legislation (Emergency Management Act 1986), the Western Australia State Emergency Service (WASES) is required to audit Municipal Emergency Management Plans (MEMP) every three years at a minimum.
A review is currently underway to ensure the current workbook aligns to recent changes to Emergency Management Act 1986 and 2013, and the Emergency Management Manual Western Australia (EMMWA).

Local Knowlegde

Knowledge obtained from local communities and organisations is a valuable part of the picture available to emergency services before, during and after emergencies. This local knowledge provides an invaluable ‘on the ground’ understanding of an unfolding situation from the people who understand the area best. WASES has developed a Local Knowledge Policy to provide principles and strategic direction for how SES will ensure local knowledge is incorporated before, during and after emergency response. Learn more about Local Knowledge.

Introduction to Emergency Management Training

PHSES provides support services to other agencies under Western Australia’s emergency management arrangements.

Introduction to Emergency Management (PUAEMR018A – Working in an emergency management context) is a competency based training course conducted by WASES.

This hands-on course is delivered over two days with a mixture of theory and practical scenario activities. Participants who complete this course will be issued with nationally recognised unit of competency from the Public Safety Training Package.

Hazard-specific information