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Local FloodSmart Information

Flooding can occur anywhere and at any time, but some areas of Western Australia are more flood-prone than others. It’s important to understand how flooding may affect you and your property.

Local Flood Guides and Emergency Plans

SES has developed a number of flood guides and emergency plans to explain local flood risks for communities at risk and advise on how to prepare for and respond to flood events.

If your area is not included in one of the guides and you would like information about flooding, contact your local council.

Rural FloodSmart guide

If you are a rural property owner or manager, it’s likely that you have experienced flooding before, particularly if your property is close to a river, stream or creek.

The effects of flooding on rural property owners can include losses to livestock, crops, fencing, buildings, personal items, farm equipment and machinery. However, it’s important to remember that even if your property is not directly affected by flooding, there is still potential for you to be isolated by floodwater. You may require assistance such as the supply of essential items and feed for livestock.

While damage to crops and fences is usually unavoidable, there are some things that you can do to reduce losses to things like livestock, irrigation equipment, houses and sheds.

To assist rural property owners and managers in managing flood risks, SES has developed Rural FloodSmart Guides for a number of locations across Western Australia.

Download the Rural FloodSmart Guide for your area to learn more about what you can do to manage the affects of flooding on your property.

Sandbag reference guide

Download the sandbag reference guide for information on using and disposing of sandbags.