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Safety Information

The Pilbara/Kimberley Districts in Western Australia are vulnerable to a range of natural hazards such as bushfire, cyclones, floods and storms purely because of the climate and environment of the region.

There are many other hazards we face as a community that are caused by people such as  mining, industrial and road accidents etc. All hazards, natural or man-made are dangerous and pose a threat of causing injury, loss of life, and creating damage to property, infrastructure and the environment.

Preparation is critical to help the community and those in it get ready for the unexpected. How the Hedland SES work with the community is important and part of this success also involves YOU. The more we can do to prepare ourselves the more effectively the Hedland SES can direct its resources and respond timely to incidents.

It is vitally important to plan ahead for emergency situations especially as we live in an area that is prone to natural disasters and such preparation could save you and your family’s life.

This area of the website provides you with clear advice, resources and practical actions to prepare for and cope during a range of natural disasters.